Close Protection Operative Course




Close Protection Operative

The course main target is to provide student with all the necessary theoretical knowledge and practical skills to work as a Close Protection agent as soon as he complete our 14 days intensive program. The course will use minimum of classroom lectures with maximum of realistic and practical field training exercises to provide a full understanding of close protection operations worldwide. The CPO Course includes the overall knowledge within ‘Business’ and ‘Dignitary’ areas of Close Protection, and it’s training program is based on the proven training methods. The Course is approved by City & Guilds and allows the Graduate to apply for the SIA license.

Principles of close protection
Introduction to threat assessment and risk analysis
Protection formations
Hello Arrivals / Departures
Dress code and etiquette
Low profile security and tactics
Unarmed combat
Tactical Firearms (Pistol and Submachine guns – Live Fire)
Case studies
Elements of Close Protection Team

Cover and evacuation drills live fire (FX Simunition)
Advance work
Advance work; surveys, preparation and planning – exercise
Team Leader; roles & responsibilities
Radio communications procedures
Motorcade procedures
Final training exercise: IN TOWN EXCERICSE – training in realistic every day situation
Briefing the Principal

Poland – EU

Pistols – Glock 17, Glock 19, H&K USP, Sig Sauer P229, Beretta 92F,
Submachine guns – MP5, MP5K, B&T APC,
Simunition – Glock 17, B&T APC & MP5 conversion kits,

This course will be taught using theoretical and practical excercises. The lectures lectures will be conducted in the classroom, urban area and shooting range. The course will be given in KMK Training Center with the use of KMK equipment.

Casual clothing (no jeans), rain / weather gear and business clothing (slacks, jacket, tie and appropriate shoes), tactical cargo pants, tactical belt (sturdy) , sport shoes, sport uniform,

Minimum 8 Persons

What’s included in the price ?

Transfers from Airport or Train Station in Poland
Accommodation. Full, with day before and after the course included.
3 Delicious Homemade Meals Per Day . Eat as much as you want.
10 hours per day of training, lecture and exercises.
Live ammunition and/ or FX Simunition (depends on the course).
All training equipment and weapons.
Course Materials, Test and Certification ( depends on the course).
KMK T-shirt and cap or other clothing (depends on the course).
Access to the Internet.
Washing Facilities


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