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Graduate Level

Study the best self-defense system where and when you want.

The Krav Maga system is designed to mentally and physically prepare you for precarious situations, by teaching you conflict-resolution techniques and fundamental values like awareness and self-confidence. For both beginners and advanced students, attending Krav Maga classes has had a profound effect on their strength and self-control.

We’re introducing a revolutionary way to train with the Krav Maga Worldwide Academy—now, you can master Krav Maga online at the comfort of your own home. Training online has many benefits, including the flexibility to learn at your convenience and pace, while still working with experts, participating in discussions, and learning valuable techniques.

Train Anytime, Anywhere

For many, making it to the gym can be a challenge. School, work, and other responsibilities can take the center stage, despite how much you’d like to get a workout in. The solution to an around-the-clock schedule is to enroll in a Krav Maga online course and train whenever and wherever you want.

With our new online training regimen, you have the freedom to engage in Krav Maga according to your schedule. Even if you have constantly fluctuating hours or an irregular schedule, you can utilize the online sessions to train when you can afford time. The limitations of the gym no longer apply when you can access Krav Maga online.

With Krav Maga online, you will feel as if you’re attending a private session. With the resources and instruction of an experienced Krav Maga teacher at your disposal, you’ll be able to review a move, a method, or a segment as much as you would prefer.