Security Driving Course




Main target of this course is to improve general theoretical skills of the Security Driver and his/her driving ability in various situations on different road conditions like asphalt and off-road. It includes such techniques as EB, Reverse & Forward 180’s or High Speed Driving. Our training is designed for serious individuals aspiring for excellence in driving. Our purpose-built 4×4 track allows for the highest safety and operational performance.

Role and responsibilities of the Security Driver
Introduction to Security driving
Physics – forces operating on a vehicle
Vehicle structure
Steering Wheel Management
Proper Body Position
Direction change [j-turn, u-turn]
Emergency Braking Techniques – ABS and non-ABS

Recovering from emergency situation
Introduction to 4wd systems
4wd vehicle familiarization
4wd security driving
Road barriers and obstacles
Planning and choosing routes and roads
Avoiding dangers and threats

Poland – EU

Minimum 8 Persons

What’s included in the price ?

Transfers from Airport or Train Station in Poland
Accommodation. Full, with day before and after the course included.
3 Delicious Homemade Meals Per Day . Eat as much as you want.
10 hours per day of training, lecture and exercises.
Live ammunition and/ or FX Simunition (depends on the course).
All training equipment and weapons.
Course Materials, Test and Certification ( depends on the course).
KMK T-shirt and cap or other clothing (depends on the course).
Access to the Internet.
Washing Facilities


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